Sunday, 13 December 2015

Rae reads... The Billionaire's Christmas Baby by Victoria James

The Billionaire's Christmas Baby by Victoria James

When Hannah turns up on Jackson's doorstep the last thing he expects is to find out he is an uncle. His choice is adopt little Emily or she will end up in the foster care system. What will Jackson do and will Hannah find Emily a stable and loving family?

The pace of the story was fairly quick and the relationship between Hannah & Jackson was developed nicely. Both of them had a painful past which gave them both trust issues.

When Hannah and Jackson had their first meeting it was actually kind of comical. I loved how she told him "no yelling in front of the baby" Hannah stood up for herself even after having the door shut in her face not once but twice.

I liked that the chemistry between them both was obvious from the start. All it took was a little baby called Emily to give them a push, Bringing a baby into the story was sweet and I found it more convincing when Jackson began having a change of heart.

Can they overcome the past to achieve a future with each other. Well you will have to read this book to find out!

Overall this is a lovely story, perfect for Christmas!

(ebook copy received via a Facebook giveaway)

What to buy at Christmas!

So if anyone is stuck for Christmas present ideas for a book lover see the below diagram. I feel it's pretty self explanatory!

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Rae reads... Nora Roberts Land by Ava Miles

I actually read this book a while ago but I thought it might be nice to post the review here. That way people could see how good this book is, so here it is!

Nora Roberts Land follows Meredith and Tanner's story. Meredith's ex husband blames her obsession with the author Nora Roberts for the breakdown of their marriage. He believes she had too high a expectations of romance and that's why their marriage failed. Meredith decides to prove him wrong but her husband decides to show her he is right that's when we meet Tanner.

I'm a fan of Nora Roberts so when I read the premise for this book I was intrigued. I am so glad that I decided to read this book. Meredith and Tanner are perfect as the lead characters the interactions between the two kept me hooked on reading more. The minor characters in the book each brought something to the story especially Jill and Brian ( I can't wait to read their story) Meredith and Jill's grandfather was also great I loved the relationship that they all shared. 

The plot was pretty fast paced but at the same time the romance between Tanner and Meredith was a slight slow burner. I guess in my view it kept you invested in the two of them finally getting together. Some parts were a little predictable but then again too many twists and turns can disrupt the story. 

I would recommend this book especially if you are a Nora Roberts fan. It has echoes of her books but still manages to stand alone and has its own merits. With both suspense and romance it is well worth a read.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Rae reads...Snow Daze by Katie Mettner

Snow Daze tells the story of Dully and Snow from their first meeting of being trapped in an elevator to them eventually falling in love.

First of all I won an ebook copy of this book through a giveaway. After finally getting my littlest one to bed I could make a start on Snow Daze.

If you are in the mood for an uplifting story then this book is for you. It is only a novella so you don't get in depth characters but what you do learn about Dully & Snow is that they are a perfect fit for each other.

It was refreshing to read the book from both Dully and Snows point of view I liked how it gave the story a different feel.

I would have liked a full length story just to explore both of their back stories. However you can't possibly have a long drawn out love story with it being a novella. Snow Daze is set at Christmas so this is the perfect time to read it. Especially if like me you only read Christmas stories in December, well November at a push.

All in all a lovely, sweet romance that will instantly make you smile and put you in a good mood.

This book may not be for everyone but if you like to read light, uplifting stories then it's well worth a read.

Rae reads...a bit about me.

Just a few details about me...updated!!!

So now I have had chance to go a bit more in depth I guess I will start at the beginning, I have loved reading from a young age and I guess I have my mum to thank for that. She was always buying me books and she would take the time to sit and read either to me or with me. As I got older I started using libraries to read more and more and as I was a bit of a geeky teenager one of my favourite places to go to was in fact our local library. Like a lot of small libraries it unfortunately closed, cutbacks I suppose! I now use the larger library in our town and also their ebook service.

I read pretty much all formats paperbacks, hardbacks and ebooks. I guess at the moment with having young children ebooks are a little bit easier to use. This way I don't end up leaving books around that can fall into tiny hands to be ripped! Luckily this hasn't happened yet but you never know. So for ease of use and for the books own safety you will normally find me reading a book on my kindle or even my phone.

My favourite genres are romance and thrillers but I have been known to read the occasional Sci-Fi book and autobiographies. Romance wise I am partial to historical romance but contemporary is also something I read often. If I like the sound of a book no matter what genre I will normally give it a go.

I have received books through giveaways which I am now getting around to reviewing I feel it's a good way of giving something back. Especially after the authors have taken the time to run a giveaway/competition. I do have to say that I will always give an honest review so if I find fault I will say so. I will however do it in a tactful way, after all there is no need to be unkind!

If any author or publisher is kind enough to want to send me a book for review I will always consider reviewing said book. 

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my blog!