Thursday, 30 June 2016

Rae reads... Fearless Flying by Karen Gordon

About the book:

Book Title: Fearless Flying 
Author: Karen Gordon
Publication Date: 14th July, 2016

Vivienne Ramsey is fearless.

At work and in love she always gives 110%. There is no goal she can’t reach by sheer will and determination. 

But life can surprise you, plans change, and all her over-thinking skills can’t bring back the man she loved. She needs a new plan, new dreams and the right people to help her (if she’ll let them). 

She’s the uber-smart boss babe who climbs to the top of the private jet all-boys club in this innovative chick-lit series. Vivienne is every woman working to break the glass ceiling, balance work and home, and find a man who’s her equal. 

My thoughts:

Vivienne is an interesting character she is so strong and capable in her work life but it is a completely different story in her personal life. I think because of this I instantly liked her and her personality. I would love to be half as organised as she is! Vivienne is determined to get her man and even though there are obstacles she still carries on. I loved the dynamic between Vivienne and Danny they had great chemistry which made this book even more entertaining. 

The story moved at a quick pace and I finished the book in pretty much two sittings although it is a short story. The plot was straightforward and easy to read which made it really enjoyable. This book is the first in a series, I believe there will be seven books in total. I will definitely be interested in reading the next installment. The ending was a cliffhanger and I cant wait to find out what happens next!


Fearless Flying was fun, flirty and entertaining! 

Five stars from me!

Thank you to Karen Gordon who kindly sent me a copy to read & review. This is my honest opinion.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Rae reads... Caillou Goes to School by Anne Paradis

About the book:

Sarah invites Caillou to a special day at her school. Caillou packs his school bag and a lunch and is off to first grade! He feels like a big kid. Caillou’s favorite things are recess, lunch hour and drawing on the blackboard. He doesn’t enjoy all the bells and rules as much. Caillou may not be quite ready for school, but he is definitely ready for an afternoon nap when it's time to go home!

My thoughts:

My little boy watches the Caillou TV programme and I have read a Caillou story to him before. So as soon as I saw this book I knew it could be a hit. My little boy will be starting school next year so I thought it might be a good thing to introduce the idea of school to him.

I really liked the concept of its not all fun and play time at school but that it can still be an enjoyable thing to experience. The story is just about the right length namely being fairly short. It kept my sons interest but was still long enough to have a decent story. The illustrations were bright, bold and colourful. My son liked talking about what was in the pictures so they definitely caught his attention. 


Caillou Goes to School is a short but interesting way to introduce the idea of school to young children.

Fun, bright and perfect for young Caillou fans!

Four stars from me! 

Thank you to Chouette Publishing & Netgalley for my copy to read and review. This is my honest opinion. 

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Rae reads... Coffee, Tea, The Caribbean & Me by Caroline James

About the book:

From Cumbria to the Caribbean... 

Flying solo again in their middle years, can life really begin again for Jo and Hattie? Is there hope for the newly single baby boomers and can romance happen? 

Continuing the Coffee Tea... series, Join Jo and Hattie as they romp into their future and prove that anything is possible! 

My thoughts:

Jo and Hattie are great characters and their friendship made the book even more entertaining. My favourite character has to be Hattie though. She is really comical and at times she reminded me of myself with her appetite! I think that the grief Jo was going through after losing John was well written. Jo knows that she has to move on but it is easier said than done. 

I really enjoyed the story it moved at a brisk pace and once I started reading I hardly put it down. It was lovely to read from different points of view I think it definitely added to the story. The story is packed with emotion but also has its funny moments that help lighten the tone. This book deals with grief and divorce but also new beginnings. The writing was descriptive and I could almost feel the warmth from the Caribbean sun as I read. 


Coffee, Tea, The Caribbean & Me is funny, heartwarming and would make a perfect holiday read!

Four stars from me! 

Thank you to Caroline James who kindly sent me a copy to read and review. This is my honest opinion. 

Author Biography:

Caroline James was born in Cheshire and wanted to be a writer from an early age, she trained, however, in the catering trade and worked and travelled both at home and abroad. Caroline's debut novel, Coffee Tea The Gypsy & Me shot to #3 on Amazon and was E-book of the Week in The Sun newspaper. Her second novel, So, You Think You're A Celebrity… Chef? has been described as wickedly funny: 'AbFab meets MasterChef in a Soap…' The manuscript for Coffee Tea The Caribbean & Me was a Finalist at The Write Stuff, London Book Fair 2015 and the judge’s comments included: “Caroline is a natural story-teller with a gift for humour in her writing.” Her next novel, Coffee Tea The Boomers & Me will be published autumn 2016.

Caroline has owned and run many catering related businesses including a pub and a country house hotel and cookery is a passion alongside her writing, combining the two with her love of the hospitality industry and romantic fiction. As a media agent, Caroline represented many well-known celebrity chefs and is currently writing a TV script and accompanying book about the life of a well-known chef. She has published short stories and is a member of the RNA and The Society of Authors. Caroline writes articles on food and celebrity based interviews and is Feature Editor for an online lifestyle magazine. When she's not running her hospitality business and writing, Caroline can generally be found with her nose in a book and her hand in a box of chocolates, she also likes to climb mountains and contemplate life.

For further information please contact:
Caroline James by

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Rae reads... Four Weddings and a Fiasco by Catherine Ferguson

About the book:

Katy Peacock lives a life as colourful as her name.

As a wedding photographer, she spends her days making other people smile as she captures all sorts of fun and capers at celebrations that range from the wacky to the wild.

But her own life isn’t looking quite so rosy. Her mum is acting out of character, her menacing ex is back on the scene, and she is torn between two gorgeous men. And that’s before we even get started on the trouble her sister is causing . . .

As Katy weathers the ups and downs of the season, she revisits problems from the past, discovers new friendships and finds that four weddings and a fiasco have the power to change her world beyond measure.

My thoughts:

At first sight I loved the cover to be honest I am very tempted to buy this book in paperback too. I think it would look lovely on my bookshelf!

After reading the prologue I couldn’t wait to read more I was definitely hooked. At the start of the book we see Katy struggling. I would say that in life most people go through phases of plodding along. We get up go to work, pay our bills and struggle along. This makes Katy easy to relate to and definitely more likeable. However it isn't all doom and gloom there are also some really comical moments throughout the book. Katy has some pretty embarrassing moments, especially involving Gabe. There are some definite face in hands moments. Gabe was pretty perfect, I think I fell for him a little bit myself. I loved their interactions and they had a great connection.

I loved the premise of the book especially because it involved photography and weddings. The plot moved at a really good pace and I enjoyed how the book was split into the different weddings and seasons. The story had bits of everything loss of trust, debt, love and forgiveness. It all came together to make a special story that left me with a smile!


Four Weddings and a Fiasco is a charming, comical and lovable story!

I can't wait to read more books by Catherine Ferguson.

Five stars from me!

Thank you to HarperCollins Avon & Netgalley for my copy to read and review. This is my honest opinion.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Rae reads... Not Quite Sheer Happiness by Melissa Baldwin

About the book:

Sienna Harris is back and appears to be on top of the world! Her company, Sheer Happiness Events, is booming, but personally she’s a mess. She never imagined that with amazing success would come tremendous pressure. Although her professional life seems in disarray at times, her relationship with the dashing Ace Eckelund is finally progressing.

Friendships are tested and so is her relationship when—once again—the past collides with the present. Sienna begins to question everything in her life and wonders if she should throw out her desire for constant certainty and live life on the edge for once. But, will she be able to change the person she has always been for who she wants to become?

My thoughts:

After reading the blurb for this book I was very pleased to take part in the release day blitz and to read and review.

First of all I should mention this book is part of a series but I personally didn't find this to be a problem. I easily got into the story and I found Sienna an intriguing character. Sienna seems to have it all but little things that happen make her doubt that she will get her happy ending. I really liked how close Sienna and her friends were. I thought the addition of Maureen to the story was great. Her character only came in part way through but I think she definitely helped Sienna see sense and to get perspective.

The plot moved at a good pace and at times I didn't want to stop reading. It was interesting to have a main character who has insecurities. I thought Melissa Baldwin wrote this in a way that everyone could possibly relate to in some degree. I am really hoping that I get chance soon to read the other books in the Event to Remember series. It would be great to see how it all started.


Not Quite Sheer Happiness is both fun and entertaining!

Four and a half stars from me!

Thank you to Karan Eleni and Melissa Baldwin for my copy to read and review. This is my honest opinion.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Rae reads... The Second Chance Shoe Shop by Marcie Steele

About the book:

Riley Flynn is still looking for Mr Right but after her last break up she is starting to believe he might not exist.

Sadie Stewart is still trying to come to terms with losing her husband. The anniversary of his death is approaching and her grief is still raw.

Both women work at Chandler's shoe shop which is in danger of closing. Along with their co worker and friend Dan can they save the business and also find a bit of happiness too.

My thoughts:

I was instantly hooked mainly due to the fact that all of the characters were so likeable. The three friends had a lovely bond that was captured brilliantly by Marcie Steele.  Their interactions in the shop were great I could almost imagine I was there. Now if I had to pick a favourite character it would be Sadie. I can't even begin to understand how difficult it must be to lose your husband. I think because of her vulnerability it made me become more attached to her character. I wanted to see her happy but could also understand her reluctance to move on.

The story moved quickly and I wanted to keep reading well after I should have put the book down to go to sleep. The story flowed really well meaning there were no slow parts. I really liked the premise of the story. There are so many long established shops on our high streets that are struggling to stay afloat. The fact that the story is told from different points of view is also a positive. I believe it can add extra depth to a story and you can fully appreciate the characters. In the case of this book I definitely got that feeling. I laughed and cried whilst reading this book it is definitely a heart warming story.


If you love reading about friendship, love and shoes this book is definitely for you!

The Second Chance Shoe Shop is both charming and emotive. I was hooked from the start!

Five stars from me!

Thank you to Marcie Steele for running the #shoelove competition on Twitter where I won a copy of this book. I'm so glad I took part it was lots of fun!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Rae reads... The Little Village Bakery by Tilly Tennant

About the book:

Millie has just arrived in the village of Honeybourne and is determined to open the old bakery and settle into a happy life in the village. The bakery isn't in the best condition but the locals are lovely and all pitch in to help especially Jasmine and her brother Dylan. However Millie is running from her past and it soon catches up with her when an unexpected visitor turns up. 

Will Millie realise her dream of opening her little village bakery and will her blossoming romance with Dylan survive?

My thoughts:

I was instantly hooked by what secret Millie could be hiding, she seemed such a likeable character. So I couldn't wait to find out what had happened in her past. I thought Ruth was a brilliant character with her slightly too much information conversations. The flirtation between Millie and Dylan was great and they had lovely chemistry. 

The story moved at a good pace and Tilly Tennant made Honeybourne sound like somewhere I would like to live or at least visit. I really liked the story and how it unfolded. It was great to see all the villagers help Millie and how she slowly became a part of the village. 


The Little Village Bakery is both inviting and enjoyable with some lovely characters. 

A perfect story for summer!

Four stars from me!

Thank you to Bookouture & Netgalley for my copy to read and review. This is my honest opinion. 

Excerpt & Giveaway - Love on the Nile by Ellie Gray

Love on the Nile by Ellie Gray is released today. Read on for an excerpt and giveaway.

Love on the Nile by Ellie Gray 

Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 15th June 2016
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing

Natasha embarks upon the holiday of a lifetime with her brother, looking forward to exploring the ancient sites Egypt has to offer. What she hasn’t bargained for is spending her holiday cruising along the Nile with Kyle Richardson, a handsome but moody archaeologist. Despite taking an instant dislike to Kyle, Natasha finds herself increasingly drawn to the man, particularly as his interactions with her brother reveal a gentler, more caring side to his character.

Having lost everyone he has ever loved, Kyle is a loner, believing himself to be cursed. He now spends his life moving around Egypt, ensuring he never lingers anywhere long enough to form meaningful attachments. Despite his better judgement, he finds himself drawn to this feisty young woman, but is afraid of the deeper feelings she stirs in him.

Can his feelings for Natasha convince him that it’s worth taking a risk on love?


“Natasha, darling!” The rather stout woman levered herself from the chair and swiftly crossed the room to throw her arms around her niece.

Breathing in the familiar perfume and leaning into the protective embrace of her aunt, Natasha’s irritation dissipated as quickly as it had appeared, and she closed her eyes against the sudden and unexpected tears of relief at having finally arrived at their destination. “Oh, Aunt Lucy, it’s so good to see you.” Her voice was muffled against Lucy’s shoulder and she took a deep breath before stepping back and smiling. “It’s been so long. I can’t believe we’re actually here at last.”

“It’s wonderful to see you, Natasha. I’ve missed you both so much.” Lucy lifted a hand to cup her niece’s face before turning to Nicky, hands on her ample hips as she scrutinised him critically.

“Oh, you always were like two peas in a pod. And, Nicky, you have grown into a very handsome young man. You have no idea how happy I am that you came.”

“Hello, Aunty Lucy, how are you?” Nicky briefly returned his aunt’s embrace before securing the baseball cap a little tighter on his head and asking the question foremost in his mind. “Can I have something to eat?”

Lucy shook her head with a smile and glanced at the man, who had so far remained silent throughout. “Kyle, this is my nephew Nicky, and my niece Natasha. I’m pleased to see that at least one thing never changes, and that is Nicky’s appetite.”

She caught Nicky’s arm and led him off to the far side of the room. “Come on, I’ve got some of your favourite biscuits over here in this cupboard.”

Natasha could see Kyle watching her younger brother, his eyes narrowed, and she felt the familiar churning in the pit of her stomach, trying to anticipate at what point he would realise Nicky had learning difficulties.  

Automatically, she tried to deflect that scrutiny, moving further into the room and feeling a sense of relief as Kyle’s gaze immediately swung towards her.

“Natasha Morgan,” she introduced herself, and held out her hand.

“So I gather.” His face was unsmiling and Natasha was uncomfortably aware of her earlier, rather waspish response to what was probably quite a reasonable conversation he had been having with her aunt. He pushed himself out of the chair to tower above her, his hair shining blue-black in the pale moonlight which streamed through the open window. Tall as she was, Natasha had to tilt her head back to meet his startlingly blue eyes. He was younger than she had initially thought, probably in his mid-thirties — just a few years older than herself.

There was a pause before he replied. “Kyle Richardson.”

He took her hand briefly, offering a firm cool handshake, before returning to his chair, long legs stretched out before him and crossed at the ankles.

“I’m sorry you overheard our conversation; I had no idea you were there.”

His voice was deep and husky, and his gaze once again followed her movements as she sank into the seat Lucy had recently vacated.

She nodded and spread her hands expressively, shrugging her slim shoulders. “I’m sorry if I sounded… irritated. It’s been a really long day and I hadn’t expected Aunt Lucy to arrange a personal guide for us. Please, it’s not a problem, we don’t want… we don’t need a guide, and I’m sure you have better things to do with your time.”

Kyle’s mouth twitched as if in amusement at the inadvertent slip of the tongue, but whatever he was about to say was lost as Lucy and Nicky returned, the latter clutching a packet of chocolate-covered biscuits.

“Oh, you’ve introduced yourselves. Excellent.” Lucy beamed at them, clapping her hands together. “I’m sure we’re all going to have a wonderful time together.”

“I was just explaining that Nicky and I are quite happy to find our own way around Egypt,” Natasha cut in quickly. “There is no need for Mr. Richardson to trouble himself.”

“Nonsense,” cried Lucy, fixing Kyle with a rather piercing gaze. “I’m not letting you wriggle out of this one, Kyle. You owe me rather a lot of favours and I am now calling one of them in. Heavens, man, I haven’t seen you in close to two years, and I happen to know for a fact that you haven’t taken a break for longer than that. It’s high time you did.”

Natasha observed this outburst with some surprise, having hardly ever heard her aunt speak so sharply. She risked a glance towards Kyle and saw that he was still reclined in his chair, arms folded over his chest, and a somewhat amused gleam in his blue eyes. He remained silent, obviously expecting Lucy to continue her reprimand.

Book Links:


Ellie is a contemporary romance author and lives in the beautiful East Riding of Yorkshire with her partner, David, and two children, Joe and Abbie.
Love on the Nile will be her second novel published with the lovely Tirgearr Publishing – her debut novel, Beauty and the Recluse was released in February 2016.
A proud member of the Romantic Novelist Association, Ellie currently works full-time in public services and is studying for an MSc in Public Management, although she hopes one day to be able to write full time.

A few random pieces of information about Ellie:

  • Favourite TV shows – The Walking Dead, The X-Files, Nashville, Dr. Who, The Great British Bake-off!
  • Favourite Music – I’m an 80’s girl!, country, sixties, Elvis, classical (when I’m writing)

  •   Favourite Food – Indian, tapas, crisps, cheese

  • Favourite Drink – black coffee – copious amounts when I’m writing, Sauvignon blanc when I’m not.

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Rae reads... The Reflections of Queen Snow White by David Meredith

About the book:

Queen Snow White has been depressed since her husband Prince Charming died. Not even the wedding of her only daughter Princess Raven can bring her out of it.

When Snow wanders up to the forgotten tower she finds her stepmothers magic mirror. This is the beginning of a journey for Snow White as she confronts her past. Will Queen Snow White ease her grief and maybe even find some peace?

My thoughts:

Snow White was left desolate after losing Charming and this book tells the story of how she looks back on her life to find perspective in her future. It was really interesting to read a story set after the happily ever after. This story was thoughtful and kept my interest. The flashbacks to Snow Whites past were entertaining and more darker than the Disney version. Definitely more in keeping with Grimms fairy tales.


I really enjoyed this story it was very descriptive and entertaining. I was happy to spend time reading about Snow White and her life after the happily ever after.

Well worth a read especially if you are a fan of fairy tales!

Four stars from me!

Thank you to David Meredith for kindly sending me a copy to read and review. This is my honest opinion.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Rae reads... The One With the Engagement Party by Erin Lawless

About the book:

Nora Dervan is getting married... but her four bridesmaids are more full of secrets than champagne.

Bea has barely gotten past the fact that her two best friends are seeing each other, and now they’re engaged, and Cleo is rather distracted by the hot new colleague she absolutely, definitely must not sleep with. Daisy is dreading the singles’ table, whilst Sarah’s own marriage hasn’t turned out to be all she hoped it would be...

My thoughts:

I have been looking forward to reading this for a while. I definitely wasn't disappointed as I loved all of the characters. I would probably say my favourite was Cleo, as I liked the interactions between her and Gray. Although each character has a good part in this book. I loved the idea of the long held friendships within the story. Then you also had the impact of newer friends and how they fit into a already established group of people.

It was a nice touch to read from multiple points of view. I thought at first I may have gotten a bit confused. However this never happened as long as I focused on who was who. I can however understand if people do get confused as there are a few characters to follow. 

The story was engaging and really helps set up the next book in the series. I think the next book will be even more interesting because this book has introduced the characters. I am guessing the plot will flow even better in the next one. I pretty much read this in one sitting it definitely kept my interest. Even though it's a novella it didn't feel rushed or abrupt to me.


The One With the Engagement Party is all about love and friendship. It really is a great start to the Bridesmaids series!

Four stars from me!

Thank you to HarperImpulse & Netgalley for my copy to read and review.  This is my honest opinion. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Release Day Blitz - Not Quite Sheer Happiness by Melissa Baldwin

A very Happy Release Day to Melissa Baldwin!

Book Information

Title: Not Quite Sheer Happiness
Author: Melissa Baldwin
Series: Event to Remember Series #3
Standalone?: No
Release Date: June 8, 2016
Genres: Chick Lit/Romantic Comedy


Sienna Harris is back and appears to be on top of the world! Her company, Sheer Happiness Events, is booming, but personally she’s a mess. She never imagined that with amazing success would come tremendous pressure. Although her professional life seems in disarray at times, her relationship with the dashing Ace Eckelund is finally progressing.
Friendships are tested and so is her relationship when—once again—the past collides with the present. Sienna begins to question everything in her life and wonders if she should throw out her desire for constant certainty and live life on the edge for once. But, will she be able to change the person she has always been for who she wants to become?
Find out in this captivating third installment of The Event to Remember series.

Book Links 

Author Biography

Melissa graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications; she has always had a love for writing. An avid journal keeper, she took her creativity to the next level by fulfilling her dream with her debut novel, An Event to Remember . . . Or Forget. Since then, she has written and published two more novels, Wedding Haters and See You Soon Broadway.

Melissa resides in Florida, with her husband and young daughter. When she isn't writing, this multi-tasking master organizer is busy being a mother, wife, chauffeur, PTA President, and Fitness Trainer.
When she has free time, she enjoys traveling, running, fitness, fashion, and taking a Disney Cruise every now and then.

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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Rae reads... Working It by Leah Marie Brown

About the book:

When Fanny trades her high fashion lifestyle for a teaching position in Alaska it's the start of an amazing adventure. Meeting Calder, the brave search and rescue pilot who once loved her best friend is just the start.

Can she find her happily ever after or is stepping out of her comfort zone a big mistake?

My thoughts:

I loved all of the characters in this book they were funny, charming and likeable. When Fanny accidentally sabotages her job it's the beginning of a journey of self discovery. It was great to see her character develop and grow. Calder is great he is strong, direct and I think most women would fall for him. Fanny has some great friends in Vivia and Laney they were both very funny at times. I thought the text messages that Vivia sent were a fun addition to the story.

The plot is straightforward and moves at a good pace. I pretty much read the book in two sittings. I would very much like to read the other books in the series. If this story is anything to go by I am sure they are great.


Working It is an enjoyable, charming and fun story that will leave you with a smile!

Four and a half stars!

Thank you to Kensington Books & Netgalley for my copy to read and review. This is my honest opinion.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Rae reads... Don't You Forget About Me by Liz Tipping

About the book:

Cara Dunham feels trapped in her hometown, she really needs to escape. So when Cara is invited to her school reunion she decides it is the perfect opportunity to start afresh and get her happy ending. 

Her school crush Daniel will be there but Cara needs help so she enlists her friend Stubbs to teach how to be just like Molly Ringwald. 

Will Cara get her dream man and what happens if she realises he might be closer than she ever imagined?

My thoughts:

I loved the premise for this book. I love 80's films so I knew I would enjoy reading this. 

Cara is a lovely character she is a bit insecure and unsure about who she really is. However she also comes across as capable and resilient. I was entertained as Cara began to figure out who she was and what she wanted from life. There were times when Cara was a little annoying due to her insecurities. Overall though I could get past this and enjoy the story. However some people may find Cara a bit too much at times.

I really liked all the other characters especially Verity and Stubbs. They were great friends to Cara. Stubbs was great, he was very patient with Cara which instantly made him likeable. The more I read the more I felt a part of their group.

The story moved at a good pace and kept my interest throughout. I think quite a few people could relate to having bad experiences at school just like Cara. I know I tried to do the same thing and make myself less noticeable. If you like any of John Hughes films you will like the references throughout the book.


It is a light hearted story that is great for a summer day!

Four stars from me! 

Thank you to Carina UK and Netgalley for my copy to read and review in exchange for an honest review. 

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Rae reads... Octopus Pirate by Jane Yates

About the book:

Octopus Pirate is a time-travelling steampunk tale set in the Victorian period. It's the story of a foundling who discovers he has unusual talents, such as camouflage, squishing into small spaces and the ability to communicate with octopuses! Follow Coco on his adventure to become a pirate. 

My thoughts:

You first meet Coco as a baby and see him grow up, he is an interesting character due to his special skills. He is likeable and I definitely found myself intrigued by his character.

The plot is straightforward and managed to keep my interest without my mind wandering. I liked that you saw Coco grow up throughout the book. I had to keep reading to find out what would happen to him next.


I don't normally read this genre but the synopsis caught my attention and I am really glad it did. There is plenty of adventure as we follow Coco growing up. All of the characters brought something to the story. I think the length of the book was quite good, not too long or short.

Four stars from me! 

Thank you to Jane Yates for kindly sending me a copy to read and review.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Rae reads... Summer At Skylark Farm by Heidi Swain

About the book:

At the start of the book Amber is a career minded city girl. However when her boyfriend Jake suggests moving to the countryside to help out on the family owned farm, she is not sure what to do. Work has become quite stressful and maybe a change of scenery would be good.

Will Amber decide farming is for her or will she struggle to fit in and what will that mean for her relationship with Jake?

My thoughts:

I thought Amber was a great character she was capable, strong and likeable. The friendship with Annie was especially lovely along with Harriet and Jessica they made a great group of characters. I did like Jake and I found him more likeable especially as the book went on.

The plot was well thought out and progressed at a good pace with no slow parts. I found that I read the book in no time so it definitely kept my interest. Skylark Farm was described perfectly and I could just picture myself there. It even crossed my mind at one point that I would love to have some chickens!


I really enjoyed reading this book all of the characters put together really helped make this a lovely story.

Summer At Skylark Farm is a delightful, heartwarming, and charming book. Perfect summer reading!

Four and a half stars from me!

Thank you to Simon and Schuster UK & Netgalley for my copy to read and review.